Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Olive Branch

We believe the recent focus on Myers has been a distraction to the school board and the community.  The focus should be on the work of the board.  

The Board will be searching for a new superintendent and the district a new chief financial officer.  Both candidate pools will certainly do their own due diligence finding a fractured board and a vocal group of unhappy residents.  Neither are helpful to the district when hiring new talent.

We are contemplating the removal of this blog as an olive branch to the community.  Our hopes and prayers are the distractions of the past will fade away and the entire AISD community can focus on the future.

  1. Olive Branch - Definition

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  1. I don't trust Myers. He's devisive and has demonstrated that he is willing to rewrite history to suit his position again and again. If you do take down the site, keep the site available for the voters to offer more facts about this sore loser.