Thursday, August 8, 2013

Commentary of August 5,6,7, 2013

Dissecting the post of Monday, August 5 through Wednesday, August 7, 2013:

Many of Myers latest posts (1,2,3) lack specific facts to verify, but provide the reader with additional insight into who Myers is and allows for speculation as to his true motives. 

The Monday, August 5, 2013 post(1) is lacking of quantifiable facts to refute but demonstrates an attempt at humor, sarcasm, whit and humility. Or at least we hope and pray it is. Unfortunately it comes across as arrogant, self-serving, condescending, disrespectful and egotistical.

The Tuesday, August 6, 2013 post(2) indicates Myers has not learned that anytime you speak with the press, you run the risk of being misquoted.  The post lacks any real purpose other than for the blogger to share his side of the story.  Our suggestion is to listen more and talk (blog) less.

The Wednesday, August 7, 2013 post(3) indicates Myers willingness to share information not readily available to the general public. Information that appears to have been provided in closed session to Trustees. (4,5,6).


Every family has something in their past (or present) they would prefer not be public.  Maybe it’s a pregnant teenage daughter, a failed business venture, earning an on-line degree (although not as taboo as it was in the past) or internal fraud.  

Myers hasn't realized that protecting AISD's reputation,  as you would a family member, is an unspoken role of the trustee.  Myers instead has chosen to share the unproven allegations or “dirty laundry” of the district in an attempt to connect the allegations to current bond projects and stop the bus barn, as well as disassociate himself with these allegations. Protecting his image seems more important than protecting the image of AISD.

Rather than share the opinion of our consensus, we provide a link to a post (7) on the AllenOnline forum that we feel best states the hopes and prayers of the residents within the Allen Independent School District.

The post’s author, vrs, is not affiliated with the members of this blog.

Our attempt is to use this blog only to check the facts and statements made by Myers.  With great restraint we attempt to not respond to each post on his blog.

Note:  The contents of Myers' posts appear to be edited after publication, in some cases removing information previously referenced by this blog.

Source Documents and articles of interest:

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  2. Shame on Myers for his "if you don't let me have things my way, I'll take my football and go home" attitude.

    When the Allen American mentioned Myers' combative attitude, Myers objected to the adjective and offered his position that he'd spent a portion of his young life defending the publication's right to use such words. In my experience and opinion, I've found that anytime one "wraps himself in the flag" as a defense for a poorly conceived position, he's got a weak argument and is trying to confuse the issues.

    In my opinion, Myers is not only combative; he offers an unpleasant, divisive odor to our wonderful community regarding educational matters.

    Allen is a great community with great folks and (mostly)fine, honorable elected officials who have led us effectively in the past to the present. Everywhere I travel in the region, I consistantly find that the Allen ISD, the teachers, administrators and the city are admired and respected for what we've achieved in difficult times.

    Myers brings shame only to himself when he denigrates the ISD.