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Analysis and Commentary of Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dissecting the post of Sunday, August 4, 2013:

Today's analysis of Myers post(1) notes his complaining about the press misinterpreting his position and his repeated claim of not receiving the information he requested.  Policy and statute analysis will be bypassed, especially given his propensity to misinterpret both.

Myers Statement:  "It always begs to question why a newspaper would utilize adjectives, such as “combative”, when explaining a story, unless of course they want to generate discord in their viewing audience."

Analysis:  This is very interesting for Myers to attack the paper's descriptive choice of words when Myers is the person when it appears Myers forwarded the email exchange to the newspaper.(2)  
This sounds like sour grapes.  Minus 1 Myers.

Myers Statement:  "It should be noted that on three separate occasions I specifically asked for any and all information related to the management of the bond package for the ISD. On two occasions I even went further by requesting information on the service center itself. On all occasions, accept for two, I was not provided the information I requested.  This material was to prepare me to cast a vote on the $27 Million expenditures. It was clearly stated to all the board members that I was not in receipt of any information regarding the bond, or the service center, until a few weeks before the board vote. But, the information provided to me was a deficient cost estimate for the service center – a cost estimate, I may add, that was only based on quantities and did not specify any great detail. The night of the board vote, I was presented, as was all the board members, detailed information of the service center and the application of the bond package to move the vote forward. It is this process, and the knowledge there of, that this administration, in my interpretation, was in violation of the law. I requested an investigation by legal council, but have not received anything as of today."

Analysis:   He asked for information, it was provided to him a few weeks before the vote. 

One question we should have for Myers, why did he not review the information available to all trustees on the district server?  As mentioned by Trustees during the July Board meeting, the information he requested was available via WebDav. (3)  

The deficient (missing) cost estimate is available to the general public on the district web site. (4).  Why can't Myers find what is available to the general public?
Minus 2 Myers.

Myers appears to want detail cost estimates.  Greg Suttle and numerous Board Members where unable to help Myers understand that detail numbers where not available, anywhere, until after the sealed bids were opened, reviewed, accepted and the GMP tabulated.  That information was then provided to the Board in their packet.(5)

"The night of the board vote, I was presented, was was all the board members, detailed information of the service center."   

This comment could be the "smoking gun" to understanding some of Myers' behavior. 

Myers states he didn't see the information until Monday night. When in fact, the "Board Packet"(6) is delivered to each Trustee no later than the prior Wednesday and is available to the general public usually no later than 5pm the Friday prior to each Board Meeting.

So it seems Myers is saying he didn't do his homework and did not prepare for the meeting.

Failing to do your homework Minus 3 Myers.

Final Analysis:

Myers doesn't appear to take the time to understand what information is available. He doesn't understand the process used by the district and appears to not accept their statements regarding the processes.  He admitted he didn't read the board packet given to him (see smoking gun above.)

Let's review the score to date:
October 2, 2012:  4 of 9 facts correct
May 29, 2013:      1 of 6 correct
July 31, 2013:       0 of 1 for possibly publishing closed session information
Aug  2, 2013:        0 of 1 correct
Aug  4, 2013:        0 of 3 failure to do homework, find public information or information available to board members.

Correct only 25% of the time.       

Source Documents:

  2. Rumor, awaiting confirmation via Freedom of Information Request - Allen ISD
  3. WebDav Definition
  4. AISD Website  click on the link August 27, 2012 Schematic Design For Service Center (Presentation) 
  5. GMP - Service Center    
  6. "Board Book" - Meeting Agendas and Approved Minutes

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  1. We appreciate you, and all you do to bring truth and fact to Myers tirade. Thank you!